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Beverly Angel

Missions week!!

Are you READYYYYYY!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 This is going to be one epic FUNDRAISING event! We are on a MISSION to fulfil the MISSION!!
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Goodbye summer!

Well, with the winds blowing like tornadoes outside today, it's welcome autumn and a very sad goodbye to the sunshine 🌞😭 Anyways, it's all good whatever the season. We win nations to Christ whatever the weather!
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Let's drive!😃

Or not lol! While I'm in the car in this pic, I'm actually in my kitchen preparing some meals but I ain't posting that pic😂😂 So...tell me, what're you up to right now? Who, what when, where?😊
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Lose? Where?

You are not losing now - you are not losing ever!! Who's child are you?
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Take it easy!

Hey someone out there needs to hear this! God's grace is more than enough first of all!! I don't care what you've done or where you've been, God loves you and will forgive you if just ask. Jesus showed grace to sinners when the Pharisees wanted to throw stones at them, and He does no different with you. So take it easy and quit beating yourself up over your past - God certainly isn't! #goodnews
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This is us people!👏👏

Thank you partners for holding our hands as we continue with our giving pledge! Let's feed more more more families!!!
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Good morning AG family!!!

Hope you're well and blessed as you go about your day today! Remember God is your partner at work, school, business etc! So you're NOT ALONE - you are winning in everything!! #goodnews
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After service vibes!

We had a truly remarkable service today. Thank you Lord for opening our eyes to the realities of your word! It's even more alive now than ever!! Have a blessed week my favourite social media family (AG of course) from my love and I! We are praying for you always! Hope you can feel and see the effects😊 Love you much! #goodnews #teamjesus

Church today!

It's Main Service day and I am excited for days! Getting ready as we speak!!!
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Leisure walks are the best!!

What're you doing for fun outdoors today?
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Today's word is flames🔥 (GND)

People say what you don't know won't hurt/kill you - WRONG!! God said in His word my people perish because they lack knowledge. So what you don't know WILL hurt or kill you! Don't be ignorant of God's promises over your life - continue to grow in the word and be a partaker of God's BEST for your life! #goodnews
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Good News Day AG family!

Your brand new week shall be full of laughter EVEN if it makes no sense in JESUS NAME!