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Regilio Apai

Special Invitation

Special Invitation
Prophet Leon Du Preez, the spiritual son of His Excellency, Ambassador Uebert Angel invites you to the “ADVANCED ONLINE DREAM INTERPRETATION” course. Spaces are limited!! REGISTER NOW at https://www.uebertangel.org/dreaminterpretation/

Daily Affirmation

Monday, 12th of April 2021 1. I am not a sinner 2. I am righteousness conscious 3. I am not condemt for I am in Christ. -The God Kind of Regilio Apai-

Watch "LIVE:: Cross Point Part 2 wit

LIVE:: Cross Point Part 2 with MAJOR (Prophet Angel) & The SEER (Uebert Angel Jnr)
Welcome to this LIVE broadcast with the Highly Esteemed Prophet Uebert Angel (MAJOR) and Uebert Angel Jnr (THE SEER) Is this your first time with us? Registe...

Prayer Session 1pm BST tomorrow

Prayer Session 1pm BST tomorrow
We are praying tomorrow at 1pm BST sharp. Be sure to tune in, especially in this Season of Spiritual Growth. #goodnewsworld


On our 14th OUTING distributing food stuffs to those affected economically by COVID-19 we went into Mbare in the presence of MP CHAMISA who thanked the PROPHETS and the FOUNDATION for this great humanitarian mission. We distributed tonnes of mealie meal bags. Thousands of families were given hope by you UAF PARTNERS around the world. You are making life make sense for many. Keep up the good work.

Apex World

Uebert Angel's post on AtomGram
APEX WORLD NEWS is coming to a satellite near you. EutelSat 7WA, Amos 17, IntelSat 20 , Brio Tv , Roku and many more . . . ***Disclaimer : BeBe and I are not our companies. Our companies have autonomy but one thing we start these companies, is for them to share with the world the hugely ignored conservative views that are being thwarted by left wing bias so there can be a balance on the news you consume. We will be updating you as and when Apex World News (AWN) takes a satellite space near you. Love you all

Watch "LIVE:: Demonic Verses - Part

LIVE:: Demonic Verses - Part 1 | Prophet Uebert Angel (MAJOR)
Welcome to this LIVE broadcast with the Highly Esteemed Prophet Uebert Angel (MAJOR) Is this your first time with us? Register your information at - https://...
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Take action take action NOW

Don't wait or delay. Have you ever listen to yourself saying: "Later or tomorrow I will do this or that." Have you realize nothing change by doing so, is because of one thing, not taking action 'NOW'. Don't think of starting a business. Write down...
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