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Aleathea Dupree
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Tune in! 🎧👂🏾

Catch the REPLAY here 👉🏾 bit.ly/... The original interview aired, Tuesday, July, 13 at 10AM EST (3PM BST) on DCRadio.gov Tune in and make your soul wealthier. 🤩
Soul Wealth Radio Vol. 142- Aleathea Dupree
Stream Soul Wealth Radio Vol. 142- Aleathea Dupree by DC RADIO 96.3HD4 AND DCRADIO.GOV on desktop and mobile. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud.
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Toyota or Rolls Royce?🤔

It takes 18 hours to build a Toyota. It takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce. Quality takes time. Writing a book is a journey. And you get to choose how you get there. Yes, you can go the "economy" route and struggle to write a book in 30, 60 or...
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Winners Press – Write the book. Help Someone Win.
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One of my most shameful moments😭

I was standing near the edge of one of three lakes on the estate, about a foot away from my Dad. It was a rare and exclusive moment of solitude in his presence. "Are you enjoying?" He smiled through the words, and his voice was calm and quiet,...
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You are God-protected!

Don't worry about what's going on around you. You are the apple of His eye. 🤗
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A general’s legacy

Senior Prophet TB Joshua, I salute you, sir. Thank you for your labor of love on the Earth. Welcome Home. 🕊💙
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You have been UPGRADED!

You are not what you used to be or where you used to be. In the realm of the Spirit, you are elevated, promoted, progressing, and your life is being beautified. Take inventory of your progress and celebrate. 🥳🙌🏾
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Do you have RHINO FAITH?

I wrote this book in 2016 after an encounter in a dream, and I still get messages from readers around the world. #grace 🙌🏾 The RHINO FAITH book has been called "the reference manual for faith." (Do you see how well-worn this reader's copy is?...
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Rhino Faith: 365 Truths To Charge Ahead In Your Faith: Dupree, Aleathea: 9780971224025: Amazon.com: Books
Rhino Faith: 365 Truths To Charge Ahead In Your Faith [Dupree, Aleathea] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rhino Faith: 365 Truths To Charge Ahead In Your Faith
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I hear the sound of abundant supply🌧

Now that the drought is over, what must you do? MANAGE, MULTIPLY and MASTER abundance. 🙌🏾
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"This is the year of Africa."

"This year it shall be known that God is for Africa and Africa is for Him." — H.E. Ambassador Prophet Uebert Angel January 10, 2021
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Preparing for Missions Week

Thank you, Mum @BebeAngel for helping me to align myself to the heart of The Prophet. #kingdomwork #missionsweekloading You won't believe what Mum shared in this message.🤯🙌🏾 Watch youtube.com/...
I HAVE SEEN the GLORY - A heartfelt testimony by Prophetess BeBe Angel of her walk with the Highly Esteemed Man of God, Prophet Uebert Angel.Become a Partn...
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That’s MY King!👑

“Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭2:15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ Except: “That’s My King” by S.M. Lockridge
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I dried my tears after this

“One asked me and said, ‘Do you still believe in God?’ And my answer was so simple, ‘I will believe Him even more after this.” - Pro. Shepherd Bushiri, Father of St. Israella youtu.be/... #TillWeMeetAtTheRapture
Celebrating The Life of Saint Israella Bushiri
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A mentor is life's paracetamol

Mentors help you to block, avoid, or relieve pain. And the best form of mentorship is a book. uebertangel.org/...
Books - Official Website for Uebert Angel
PRE-ORDER NOW Books by Prophets Uebert & BeBe Angel BOOK BUNDLES