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Aleathea Dupree
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What she said 👂🏾🥰

Say it to yourself. “I am BOLD! I am BRILLIANT! I am BEAUTIFUL! Today, I will not let other people’s words affect me. I am worthy of greatness! I love you. (Tell yourself that too.) 😉💙
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Some words are more expensive BUT …

They will cost YOU very little. All you have to do is read the book. It cost our father something to experience what he has written about. Don’t let his words be wasted. Get your copy TODAY. uebertangel.org/...
Books – Official Website for Uebert Angel

Are circumstances lying to you?🤔

Read the rest here 👇🏾 Check out this post by Montez Johnson on AtomGram - atomgram.app/...
Something to think about?
Over 3 million people a year are impacted by it in the United States alone. Now, think about that for a moment my friend. That’s roughly 9,000 cases a day, and counting! To say that it is when a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event, or simply saying PTSD is to put it mildly. But the reality of the situation is, this condition can bring back memories of the trauma, accompanied by intense emotional and PHYSICAL reactions. Now think about that for a moment. That means the mind can literally think of an event that occurred in the past, believe it’s the real deal, relay that information to your body, and your body actually responds or relive the event as if it’s reality. So, you mean to tell me that the body, which also includes the brain, can be controlled by one’s mind?! Did you get that? My friend, if you’re not at the top in every area of your life, if you feel like there is no hope for you, if you for one moment feel like you’re not able to conquer that mountain before you, then, to put it very mildly, YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES ARE LITERALLY LYING TO YOU. YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU MUST! #foodforthought #grit #determination
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We remember 🕊

As generals are leaving through a door of no return, we remember a venerable general who celebrates another anniversary of his entrance to Heaven. Thank you, Papa Hagin for your deposits.
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Heaven welcomes another general 💙

Thank you, Dr. Cho. Your messages on faith, prayer, and the Holy Spirit were among the first paradigm shifts in my life. We are better because you were here. Until rapture.💙
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Dad, I took your pic and ...

Look what developed.😁👉🏾(next pic). Happy Birthday, Dad! May all your days be filled with laughter.🤗😂💙You are more IMPORTANT to me than all the riches in this world. I love you, Dad! 💙
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Tune in! 🎧👂🏾

Catch the REPLAY here 👉🏾 bit.ly/... The original interview aired, Tuesday, July, 13 at 10AM EST (3PM BST) on DCRadio.gov Tune in and make your soul wealthier. 🤩
Soul Wealth Radio Vol. 142- Aleathea Dupree
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Toyota or Rolls Royce?🤔

It takes 18 hours to build a Toyota. It takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce. Quality takes time. Writing a book is a journey. And you get to choose how you get there. Yes, you can go the "economy" route and struggle to write a book in 30, 60 or...
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Winners Press – Write the book. Help Someone Win.

Tell yourself "I'm still here!"

You will not die but LIVE to tell what the Lord has done for you. 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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One of my most shameful moments😭

I was standing near the edge of one of three lakes on the estate, about a foot away from my Dad. It was a rare and exclusive moment of solitude in his presence. "Are you enjoying?" He smiled through the words, and his voice was calm and quiet,...
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You are God-protected!

Don't worry about what's going on around you. You are the apple of His eye. 🤗
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A general’s legacy

Senior Prophet TB Joshua, I salute you, sir. Thank you for your labor of love on the Earth. Welcome Home. 🕊💙