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Beverly Angel


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Beverly Angel


You got it they were GUARDS/GATEKEEPERS!!! But what makes this a special passage? What do you learn from it?

Bible Trivia time!!

Night owls 🦉 where are you? Here's a nice night cap. What does this verse mean? "Eastward were six Levites, northward four a day, southward four a day, and toward Asuppim two and two" 🤔 Those who rely on google for everything and anything I have no words for you! Try not to cheat will you?
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Blessed new week AG fam!!

My husband once told me I have the same pose for every picture😂 too true!!!! I do not know how else to pose so today I tried a new one but I have no caption befitting. All I'll say is - YOUR week is blessed!! Love you all!! #GoodNews
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Dear Son

Just because she's beautiful, sings, prays with others and looks "put together" in church doesn't mean she's spiritual. These are perilous times, there are women who're hollow on the inside, no active spirit at all waiting to lure you away from Christ. They're spiritual MANNEQUINS! Run with your life son, you'll benefit nothing from this type - RUN!! #periloustimes
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Happiest birthday Seth!!

Can't keep calm!!! It's Seth's birthday🥳🥳 Some pretty cool people were born in JULY!!😝


Perilous times last on its series! Taking place tonight at 9PM BST!! You know where to be!!
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Chasing the sunset 🌅

We love driving around in the countryside my love and I, appreciating God and the life he's given us. This was around 10:30PM British standard time and THERE was this beautiful sunset saying it's last goodbyes! It seemed so close so we chased it! We wanted to go exactly where it was, but it seemed the more we drove in it's direction, the further away it went! Of course we knew it was too far away to catch we were just having fun! It reminded me though of how so many Christians chase after lost causes. These can come in so many shapes and sizes from ill thought out projects to toxic relationships. There has to come a time in your life where you finally say I can't keep chasing sunsets. They look so attractive and so within reach but trust me, they are setting for a reason. Take time to recalibrate spiritually - Stop chasing sunsets- Let go and LET GOD!!

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